Sunday, 17 April 2011

Flea at Loewen Road and Scape

Thank you for taking time out to drop by my little flea shop - your presence was so uplifting! Also, surprisingly flattered by a video crew who interviewed us and one prestigious shopping establishment for your invitation to set up stall at your shopping centre.  
Our quaint little stall of vintage finds amidst all the food and wine - a pleasant surprise to the laid back regular crowd

Gluten free muffins and accessories - an odd but fun combo - know any gluten intolerant folks? My in law is one and she is on the cause of discovering and creating affordable and palatable goodies for similarly impoverished friends.

Video crew who picked our stall to film
Its pretty interesting to people watch at Scape - the cash gets recycled within the confines of the event space i.e. girls set up shop to sell their used clothes and use the money earned to buy other girls' used clothes. And why not? In this span of teenhood where the amount of cash is still dependent on how you behave (aka parents), this is a great way of staying on trend without bursting the pocket. Wished such flea marts existed a decade back... And sociologists should study this economic phenomenon of the 21st century - its a culture that should be named..

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Must Have! - Alice In Wonderland vintage necklace- uploaded new photos!

Deliciously detailed Alice in Wonderland with pretty colored jewels - $39.90 (available in antique gold and matte gold)

UPDATED! all the little keepsakes - all necklaces come with long 35-40 cm chains

Each of these items is vintage-inspired and korean-made and singularly inspected by yours truly. The make and quality of each chain are superb and vastly different from the cheap ones you see in the streets that are mostly made in China. Each unique design brings you into a whimsical and dreamy world. An investment in itself.

Flat Bird Cage, intricately hand crafted - $21.90

Full Bird Cage, not your typical bronzy roughly cut accessories, check out the beautiful matte gold bird inside the cage! - $21.90

Bird perge with antique charms and pearls on edgy black faux leather strap - $24.90
Mother duck and her brood - O, so cute assemble! - $24.90 (Btw, I've done my homework, Haji Lane sells it for $34.90, so this is a BARGAIN!)

Detailedly carved wings spread bird  in cage with matte gold and silver tree - $21.90

Simple and elegant vintage mirror (double chained) - $21.90

Simple and Whimsical Storybook Woody Tree - $18.90 only

Finely crafted Doggie kennel and dish - $21.90 (available in gold and silver)
A personal favourite!

of roses and laces - fast selling!

ultra romantic multi-use sashes: belt, hairband, necklace

"Roses on Lace" multi-use sash belt / hairband, $15.90 (available in cream)
Dimensions: Length 133 cm

"Twin Roses on gold twine" multi-use sash belt/hairband, $15.90 (available in cream, mustard and dark brown)
"Lace Ribbon" multi-use sash belt / hairband, $15.90 (available in yellow and blue)
Dimensions: Length 133 cm

just my sunshades and my spf

SOLD OUT! Thanks for all your support!

SOLD OUT! - Thanks for all your support!

when auntie susan got her first paycheck

It was Chinese New Year and I was with my 4th auntie at the dining table plowing through old photos. I was afraid at first that she might be reminded of my dear cousin who was killed in an accident many years back. Yet as she turned page after page, her eyes shone as she told me stories of how she was the fashionista of the house - how she taught my mother how to sew and dress, how she was a seamstress and designed the latest fashion of those early years... her first bag bought with her own money will probably have looked like this.

Vintage inspired carrier (medium, roomy and soft faux leather) - $29.90 (comes with detachable sling, mustard, dusty pink and light grey)


granny goes on her first date

I was at Leslie's grandparents' place one Saturday evening and feeling how blessed it must be for them to be together til this ripe old age. What would it have been like for them on their first date? granny then, young and dainty, waiting outside the Great World cinema, perhaps, heart fluttering, to see the then dashing grandpa... would they have thought of themselves in their eighties, surrounded by children and grandchildren? or watching the latest Blu-ray DVD that their grandson has brought over?  

$24.90 Vintage inspired shoulder adjustable sling bag (small - good for handphone, lippie and small wallet)
23 by 14 cm, opens into 2 compartments
Comes in lilac grey, pink and black


Thanks for dropping by and suppporting my little indulgences.

Pansies are for thoughtfulness and rosemary is for remembrance. Each of these items will bring a little reminiscence of our childhood days and old world charm to you. So take a step back and hear the scratchy record play that good old comforting tune...

Check out the latest items and friends get instant discount of 10%. Or you can find me at Loewen Road Farmers' Market this Saturday morning, plus Sunday 17 April and Friday 22 April at Scape Flea Market.